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Customised Workshops

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Here are suggested topics that may be of interest to you:


Building Culture

Create teams and organisations that are positive, productive and performing. Integrate Emergenetics frameworks and approaches into your teams to develop the unique culture that defines your team.

Building Trust

Identify blind spots in perception and communication that lead to mistrust and a breakdown in team performance. Learn Emergenetics strategies to overcome perception biases arising from our preferred way of thinking and behaving.

Crafting Team Norms

Debunk the assumption that when teams come together, they are all on the same page on what the team norms are, if any! Use the Whole Emergenetics Approach to crafting team norms and gain team consensus and ownership to regulate team expectations.

Managing Change

Understand why change is harder for some and easier for others in your team. Learn about managing the pace of change and communicating change to your team and organisation using the Emergenetics frameworks.

Respecting Differences

Diversity may be great, but it also brings about differing opinions and approaches that may rub against each other. Understand the root of these differences and learn strategies to respect the brilliances of these differences through the Emergenetics lens.