Emergenetics For YOU!

At the heart of what Emergenetics does, is to simplify human connections.

We help individuals understand each other, build better teams and transform workplace cultures.

Choose from our areas of specialisations below.


Professional Development

Discover your personal preferences, learn strategies to achieve goals and understand how to better relate with others.

We have a selection of workshops catered for individuals who wish to improve their personal effectiveness. Pick up tips, tools, strategies and methodologies that can be applied immediately into your professional life.  

This is for individuals who:

  • Want to receive their own Emergenetics Profile
  • Want to learn to apply the knowledge gained from the Emergenetics Profile in their professional lives 

Team and Organisation Solutions
Build stronger teams and learn strategies to work better together with Emergenetics.

Our solutions range from a one-day workshop on effective communication to crafting customised and holistic organisation-wide programmes.

This is for decision-makers, leaders, middle managers who want to improve or enhance their team/organisation performance.

Emergenetics Profile Certification

Emergenetics Profile Certification
Make an impact by creating a positive and productive culture for your team or organisation.

The Emergenetics Certification is a rigorous 3-day train-the-trainer course and provides you with an in-depth knowledge of the Emergenetics Profile.

Sustain the impact of Emergenetics by conducting Emergenetics workshops for others, or leverage the knowledge to design strategies for organisational improvements through the Emergenetics lens.

This is for individuals who are:

  • Learning and development leaders
  • Human resources managers
  • Organisational development consultants
  • Managers of teams
  • Independent trainers and coaches
Whichever path you take, we are invested in your Emergenetics journey.
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